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      Maradona skrev:
      –> Leon-Werder
      Do you need the entire video or just the song.
      I can't help you with the video, but if you just wan't the song, it's a track on the AGF Tribiute CD, called "More stars on the shirt"(Flere stjerner på trøjen), refering to the stars above the club logo on the shirt. You can proberbly buy the CD on Agf.co.dk, galehusetagf.dk or agf-fanclub.dk, or if you are lucke someone in here will send it to you.
      Best of luck

      I need the video or the song. the most important thing is that the song is complete! 🙂

      @the Rest

      Ich verstehe hier kein Wort, ihr wollt mich ärgern! 😮

      I give you all a tipp.
      To get information about Leon and Werder the matches live etc. go to http://www.werderglobal.com is a international communtity. We nee danish dynamite 😀 Maybe in a few days we have a chat with leon andreasen.

      I want to thank all the people who sent me fotos 🙂 Very nice

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      Hey Guys 😉

      I've another question.
      I need this song here in the video
      Some fans asked me if i have the whole song.
      Can somebody send this song to me?
      By the way: I'm also looking for some pictures of Leon or Leon with fans to make a little surpries for him on the website.
      Please could you all help me?
      Leon miss the AFG 🙂

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      *wave* Hey boys! I can't understand you!:D
      You make jokes about us in germany maybe 😀 and I can't read it.

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      d0nN skrev:
      Very good initiavtive from you germans 😉

      Have you tryed til use http://www.google.com to search for pictures of Leon Andreasen??

      I've just tryed, but i found only this: (billedet er blevet slettet af superbruger, da det var for stort)

      That could tell, how we are feeling, when he isn't here any longer…

      Good luck to you, and i hope that he will bring succes to Werder, even that my club in Germany is HSV 😉

      I hope that you could understand my english.

      oh, thats terrible!!! First the gravestone and the fact that you like the HSV!!! I hope you were just kidding 😀

      @BPD Vielen Dank für deine Antwort, ich habe sie sogar verstanden 😉

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      Thanks a lot for the first awnser 😀

      I contact them but I'm also looking for pictures not from http://www.agf.co.dk…
      I'm looking for pictures from agf pract. or fanpics for a fangallery that was what I mean 😉

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